Sunday, April 08, 2007


It seems like the last several weeks have all been about waiting.

I have a strong sense that from the moment I move into my house every spare second shall be spent repairing it. Preparing it for winter storms. Sealing it against the cold. For now I wait.

An intense effort lies ahead, so I have prepared. Last week two builders and an engineer came by to quote and advise on the necessary building work I want completed before I move in. Not to mention the destruction and re-build of the collapsing laundry (currently a million dollar law-suit waiting to happen).

Meanwhile, I find myself taking an interest in other people's homes. A window shopper of architectural details, furniture, lighting options and storage solutions. But for now I can purchase none of these. So I press my nose against the shop window and admire, and wait.

Waiting also for Joanne to return from New Zealand as she finally did last week. On a fleeting visit with her sister, Lisa, she politely admired the outside of my new home. Provided all the right assurances about location and builders. Now she has gone, once again. Returning to her own house in Wales, via New Zealand and South America, with a promise to come back to Australia once Lisa is safely married. Meanwhile, I continue to wait.

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James said...

I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you know I keep tabs on your blog and hope all is going well. Congratz on the house by the way. We're considering extending up into our attic to accommodate the pending arrival (J is due aug/sept). Please keep posting and good luck with the house move. James