Saturday, June 13, 2009

Capsize Kayak

When it was proposed I was decidedly unsure about it. Kayaking on Saturday, despite the fact that it was six degrees - the entire idea was clearly completely nuts. My politicking against the plan was too subtle and I was left wondering if might be worth breaking my own arm to avoid the event.

And then, once again, Sydney surprised me.

The weather was lovely and the water warm. I have first hand knowledge of the water temperature as I managed to capsize my vessel 20 metres from the shore. This provided David, Elaine and Hideko with a solid 20 minutes of laughter but, pride and fingertips* aside, I was unhurt. Later on there were mangroves, a veritable blizzard of jellyfish and some of the most magnificent homes in Australia.

Winter! What Winter?

* Climbing out of the water over razor sharp mussel-shells


Rational Root said...

Hah! I learnt to kayak in the Liffey. Want to bet that tastes worse than your mangrove juice ? Capsizing was part of the training, or at least one of the Capsizes was.

Darren said...

Capsizing in the Liffey is pretty hard-core! I'll take my chances with the Jellyfish.