Sunday, May 03, 2009

Citizen Kelly

It was over the Christmas 2001 holidays that I decided to emigrate to Australia. I had been working in Cork and when I returned there in January 2002 I resolved to make a new life Down Under. The process was expensive, bureaucratic and lengthy. Yesterday (May 2nd, 2009) it came to an end as I took the Australian Citizenship pledge.

It has been a long journey from researching citizenship on the web in Cork to standing before an immigration official in Parramatta - but I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


Rational Root said...

Fair Dinkum !

How many tinnies did you have to sink before the pledge ?

Tenwit said...

Little bit of blog necromancy here.. but I did my own pledge on Monday, 7th December, 2009.

Go the antipodes! Where the beer is cold and the summers are warm!

Darren said...

Huzzah! congratulations on becomming an Aussie*. You know the winters are warm here too.

*you're a Kiwi. So according to the Australian Federal** constitution you're Australian :-)

**I don't recognise Kiwi sovereignty.