Friday, November 30, 2007


It's 5am and I find myself wide awake and restless in Cork. I'd like to be asleep like everyone else, but my metabolism has other ideas. It's not really convinced about this whole Ireland business and is having none of it. As far as it's concerned we never left Sydney and we shall damn well rise when Sydney rises.

There is a possibility that I have unfairly accused my internal chronometer. An equally plausible suggestion is that excitement is keeping me awake. I have just finished a week of meetings and tomorrow I'll be in dirty old Dublin town meeting friends and family. The meetings have confirmed that I shall be rewarded with my own business in Australia and have instantly generated an enormous workload. I'm guessing that my enthusiasm for the task ahead, and general buoyancy over going home, are as much the culprits for my insomnia as jet-lag.

Ah! What's this I see? Yes! A glimmer of light in the east.


Tenwit said...

Is it true that the sun moves clockwise in the sky up there? And the water swirls down the plughole the wrong way? Anything else weird about up there? I have to know, I'm visiting it next year...

Darren said...

It's true about the sun. You should see it - it's mad!

The water thing (I'm a little disappointed to say) is no more than an urban legend.