Friday, October 12, 2007

Congratulations Nina

Nina was always willing to go the extra mile. Now she’s jumped through hoops and snatched her MBA from the ambition tree.

It’s always good to be proactive and touch base with the industry to get a heads-up on the benchmarks for fast-tracking your career. The bottom line is that a knowledge-based strategic game plan is needed to prove you are a goal-focussed team player who is in the loop. You need to play hardball to empower a win. The prevailing philosophy is to quantum leap over your peer resources by obtaining a superior business oriented academic enablement. Thus pushing beyond the parameters under which most of one’s career competitors operate, therefore enhancing your value while radically reducing internal angst, synchronizingly marginalyzing your rivals to a point where they are almost nil as a potentially competitive factor, thereby dominating, in a total way, all the marbles. That’s what Nina’s all about.

But it hasn’t been just about picking the low hanging fruit. Bilaterals with Nina have been at a premium while she’s been at the academic coalface. We’ve all had to adjust to the low-Nina-availability environment. That was a paradigm shift that required us all to re-solutioneer our collective social interactions. Often Nina was engaged in valued added initiatives and needed to skip opportunities to exchange discourse regarding matters that were not within the strategic MBA-box. This had a negative impact on all of our bottom lines. Happily, newly equipped with her MBA, she’ll have enhanced face-time for us all. (Though we may never again understand a whole sentence that comes from her lips).

Well done Nina!


mollydot said...

Argh. Brain melty.

Tenwit said...

Yes, well done Nina. I'm guessing that Darren also has an MBA. Or maybe he hangs out with MBAs. Or maybe Documatics is taking over the speech-control centres* of his brain.

*Yes, centres. Darren has multiple speech-control centres. Most of them active at the same time**.

** ;) Muahahah.

David Jordan said...

Shouldn't that be "brain controlling speech centers"?

Well done Nina. We'll be there in F&B's on Saturday to drink a toast to you.