Monday, July 31, 2006

Prima Vista

I arrived in Sydney on Saturday the 23rd of September, 2006. Blinking, I stepped into a bright, clear, sunny day straight from the “Visit Australia” brochure.
I’d spent 36 hours in Kaula Lumpar, en route. The stopover partially alleviated the jetlag of a 9-hour displacement. Exhilaration dispelled any residual effect. After over two years of waiting I had finally arrived in my new home. Excited and energised I walked to Bennelong Point, home of the Opera House.
The building glimmered in the Spring sunshine. The iconic crescents of sail that serve as wall and roof stretched over the sparkling blue of Sydney Harbour. Looking from behind, the structure appeared to be straining against invisible masts, eager to join the melee of vessels crowding the waterway beyond.
Glancing left across Sydney Cove and past The Rocks, the mighty Harbour Bridge rested above the Parramatta river. Raising my new camera, I snapped as a ferry ebbed past. It was a perfect moment.

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